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Curriculum Overview (5+1 / 3+1)

Subject Objectives
Approaches and Methods for the English Classroom Review and examine forms-focused and meaning-focused methods
Identify, set, and adjust learning and teaching objectives within the context of the national curriculum
Develop lesson-planning skills
Create effective lesson sequences that meet national curriculum goals and objectives
Develop and deliver a lesson at a local school
Explore classroom management issues and solutions
Explore and devise classroom-based assessment techniques
Explore and develop lessons using project-based learning concepts for the English classroom
Activity Design (AD) Perform and discuss activities
Practice teacher talk for specific activities
Tweak and design activities for own classrooms
Materials Development (MD) Collaborate with instructor to develop engaging, practical materials
Practice materials development skills for specific contexts and activities
Create materials for procedures and lessons from other subject areas
Explore and share online resources for the classroom
Develop materials that have authentic language learning potential
Practice search engine language to locate effective material
Explore and practice features of flipped learning and smart learning
Evaluate the effectiveness of materials
Foundations Language Acquisition Theories and Practice (LATP) Examine research and theories on learning a second language
Explore how the theories influence learning and teaching
Apply concepts such as scaffolding, noticing, and comprehensible output to the classroom
Intercultural Communication (ICC) Identify and examine the effects of culture on how people communicate
Improve intercultural competence and sensitivity of teachers and students
Identify and discuss techniques for teaching and managing a culturally diverse classroom
Explore and find ways to adapt classroom practices around the world
Discuss and detail ways to manage multi-ethnicity classrooms
Explore and create culture-based lesson plans that provide cultural experiences and self-reflection
English Language Skills Editing and Proofreading Skills for English Composition Practice and develop grammar and style in sentence-level writing
Practice and develop accuracy and clarity in sentence-level writing
Identify and correct common errors made by Koreans
Perform inductive learning activities to raise awareness of own errors
Develop activities to help students notice and correct own errors
From Writing to Composing Improve academic writing skills and fluency through a step-by-step writing process
Practice writing skills at the paragraph and essay levels
Develop a sense of audience awareness leading to clear and effective communication
Explain how to assign specific rhetorical modes to improve student writing
Video Enhenced Communicative Skills(VECS) Apply a variety of language learning strategies to improve listening and speaking skills Practice speaking skills using authentic contexts
Speak expressively and confidently to convey thoughts and opinions with greater ease
Reading Appreciation& Extensive Reading Apply intensive and extensive reading concepts to improve own reading skills and strategies
Use top-down and bottom-up reading strategies to discuss book topics and content
Develop vocabulary recognition and reading fluency
Demonstrate the ability to use critical analysis skills to discuss topics and reflect on content
Communicative Skills Development (CSD) Perform a variety of activities and task types to improve English fluency and accuracy
Employ a variety of language and thinking skills to achieve language and non-language objectives
Develop pragmatic knowledge and competence through a variety of open and closed activities