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Sookmyung started its Intensive In-service English Teacher Training Program in 2007. Since then, Sookmyung IIETTP has become a leader in the globalization of English Education in Korea, turning out expert teachers who can effectively prepare Korean students to meet the multi-cultural, multi-lingual challenges of the 21st century


We aim to
  • - Train experienced teachers in current techniques, methods and approaches in content-based instruction.
  • - Promote the integration of language and content in our education system.
  • - Develop English proficiency to teach English in English.
  • - Manage dynamic class settings through microteaching, workshops, and special events etc.

Management Plan

Training Schedule 3 ~ 6 months
Trainees Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education
Domestic : 5 months + Abroad : 1 month
Elementary school teachers
Secondary school teachers
Gyeonggi Province Office of Education
Domestic : 3 months + Abroad : 1 months
Elementary school teachers
Secondary school teachers
1 ~4 Week Intensive Program Elementary school teachers
Secondary school teachers

IIETTP Structure

English Proficiency
Multi-skills courses, which focus on improving the trainees communicative ability through multi-skills practice
교수법 영역
English Education
Integrating language and content, which focuses on modeling and practicing useful language and educational theory for the content-based classroom
영어 상용화 영역
Situations Core
Communicative situations core, which is composed of both professional development and personal enrichment electives


The program offers :
  • - Certificate of IIETTP
  • - Workshop and lectures from world famous scholars
  • - Certificate of SMU-TESOL (When training hours meet the required hours of SMU-TESOL )
  • - Credits transfer to Sookmyung MA TESOL and collaborating universities abroad (only with the certificate)