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The objective of this course is for students to learn the basics of and gain practical experience in storytelling and reading English language storybooks aloud to children. Students will learn how to use appropriate facial expressions, gestures, voices, and actions when reading a storybook and use those skills to get students involved in the storytelling as well. We also look at how to choose a story book for your students depending on their age and English ability level and how to create activities that a teacher can use before or after telling a story to help strengthen students’ language learning. Each student will also have the opportunity to practice reading an actual storybook to a class and receive feedback from the professor on their lesson.

Joyful Classroom

By the end of this course, starting teachers should have the tools available to them to prepare and maintain a classroom where children can learn cheerfully and comfortably. Teachers who take this course will be able to reduce problematic behavior in the classroom by meeting their students’ basic needs. This includes combinations of good preparation, reacting appropriately to unwanted behavior, as well as communication with parents. Teachers will also find that having a well-managed classroom will help them to find more fulfillment and less stress from their jobs.

English for learning

jobs This course provides current and future teachers with ready-to-use English language activities and a framework for teaching them in an all-English classroom. Trainees will improve their own English speaking skills and pronunciation by learning how to teach songs, rhymes and chants in a way that helps children learn vocabulary and pronunciation. Students will also have a chance to learn and practice teaching and giving directions for listening, speaking, reading and writing activities.

Creative Teacher’s Workshop

Throughout the program in each of your courses, you will create a lot of materials and practice your teaching skills. This workshop has been designed to help you prepare for these projects and teachings and to give you added support and feedback during the process of creating your lessons and materials. We believe that when learning how to teach, constant feedback nurtures improvement and growth. Not only will you receive a lot of feedback from the professor on the ideas and materials that you generate, you will also have the opportunity to brainstorm ideas with your peers and thus gain various perspectives for your assignments. Learning how to teach and create appropriate lessons is a process that improves over time with practice. This workshop will facilitate that process.


  • 1) Hands-on and experiential learning focused on very young learners
  • 2) Create materials in classes to use in your own teaching
  • 3) Innovative curriculum taught by established, dedicated TESOL Instructors
  • 4) Improve your language skills to better teach English in English
  • 5) Numerous special lectures and workshops given by outside experts throughout the semester
  • 6) Manageable course load (four hours of class over two days a week for twelve weeks)
  • 7) Competitively priced
  • 8) Two-year degree holders welcome
  • 9) Continue your education in the YL-TESOL or SMU-TESOL programs (four-year degree holders)


Course Title of the book Author/Publisher ISBN Image
English for Learning Course Book By SOOKMYUNG TESOL    
Joyful Classroom Course Book By SOOKMYUNG TESOL    
Storytelling Course Book By SOOKMYUNG TESOL    
Creative Teacher Workshop Course Book By SOOKMYUNG TESOL    

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Class Schedule

Class Schadule

  • - Morning Class (P1 / P2): Tuesday 9:00am~12:50pm, Friday 9:00am~12:50pm
  • - Weekend Class (P3): Wednesday 6:30pm~10:20pm, Saturday 09:00am~12:50pm

Spring 2018

[Morning Class]

TIME Tuesday Professor TIME Friday Professor
P1 STR 301 Eli 9:00am-
P1 PLE 301 Jake
P2 CTW 303 Nate P2 JCR 303 Kara
P1 CTW 301 Nate 11:00am-
P1 JCR 301 Kara
P2 STR 303 Eli P2 PLE 303 Jake

[Weekend Class]

TIME Wednesday Professor
6:30pm - 8:20pm P3 CTW 303 Nate
8:30pm – 10:20pm P3 PLE 303 Stafford
TIME Saturday Professor
9:00am - 10:50am P3 STR 303 Kara
11:00am - 12:50pm P3 JCR 303 Jake