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Services for Students

01Parking (주차)

The Injaegwan parking area is not available for students. All students have to use the parking lots on the main campus.

* Note that the following parking policy is only for Sookmyung TESOL-SMART students. If you have any questions, contact the Parking Control Office(T.02-710-9981). The Sookmyung TESOL-SMART Office does not sell or purchase parking coupons. The parking lot at Injaegwan is only available for faculty and staff at Sookmyung TESOL-SMART.

아래의 주차 정책은 숙명테솔-SMART 학생들에게만 적용됩니다. 궁금하신 점이 있으시면 주차관리실 (전화: 02-710-9981)로 연락바랍니다. 숙명테솔-SMART 행정실에서는 주차권이나 할인권을 판매하지 않습니다. 인재관 주차장은 숙명테솔-SMART 직원 및 교직원만 사용 가능합니다. 모든 학생들은 본교 주차장(행정관 또는 제2창학관) 을 이용하시기 바랍니다.
Please visit the parking office and pay your parking free.
Daily Parking Fee Less than 2hours : KRW 1,000 / 2 ~ 4 hours : KRW 2,000
4 ~ 6 hours : KRW 3,000 / 6 ~ 24 hours : KRW 4,000

※ You should bring your student mobile ID or course payment proof form
학생증 또는 교육비 납입 증명서 지참 필수
Term ParkingFee KRW 30,000 / month
KRW 120,000 / semester

※ You should bring your student mobile ID or course payment proof form and vehicle registration for the term parking fee. (If you are not the car owner, please prepare your family relation certificate or certificate of employment
※ 학생증 또는 교육비 납입 증명서와 차량 등록서 지참 필수 (차주가 아닐 경우 가족관계증명서 혹은 재직 증명서 지참)

Parking without Student Coupon (일반권)
For the first 30 minutes, the parking costs KW 1,500 and every additional 10 minute costs KW 500 or KW 3,000 for every hour. There is a one-day maximum charge of KW 20,000. For those who wish to use the parking lot throughout the semester, we advise Sookmyung TESOL students to purchase a student parking coupon at the beginning of the semester. The parking coupons are only available at the Parking Control Office.
주체 대상별 주차이용료
주차요금 적용대상 비고
일반차량 30분 / 1500원
(초과 10분당 500원)
1일 한도 20,000원
일반차량 LPR

Parking Control Office
Located at R#203, 1st Floor, Administrative Building, Main Campus,Sookmyung Women’s University
- Tel. 02-710-9981
- Office Hour : Mon. ~ Fri. 08:00 ~ 17:30
- 문의 : 주차관리실 (행정관 115호)
- Tel. 02-710-9981
- Fax : 3273-0023
- 업무시간 : 평일(월~금) 09:00 ~ 18:00
( Number 7 is the Administrative Building in the below map.)

02EOZ (English Only Policy)

  • - The "English Only" policy helps everyone at Sookmyung TESOL-SMART improve their English.
    “영어만 사용가능” 규정은 숙명테솔-SMART의 모든 학생들의 영어실력 향상에 기여합니다.
  • - While you are at school and at school activities or events, you will speak ONLY in English.
    교내 또는 교내활동과 이벤트 참여시, 영어로만 대화하실 수 있습니다.
  • - Writing, reading, speaking or listening in another language is not permitted in school or at school activities and events.
    교내와 교내 행사장에서 영어를 제외한 다른 언어로 쓰기, 읽기, 말하기, 듣기는 허용되지 않습니다.

※ Please speak only in English at every place in the Sookmyung TESOL building (SMPC) excluding the TESOL-SMART office, the Resource Center, and the student lounge (B104).
인재관 내에서는 영어로만 대화하시길 바랍니다. (SMART 행정실, 자료실, 학생라운지 제외)

03Food Services (in Sookmyung Campus)

  • 1) Main Building B1 - Faculty Cafeteria, School Store.
    순헌관(본관) 지하 1층- 교직원식당, 편의점
  • 2) West Building B1 - Student Cafeteria “Misochan”.
    명신관(서관) 지하 1층- 학생식당 “미소찬”
  • 3) Student Union Building 1Fl- “Blueberry “Cafe, School Store.
    학생회관 1층- 카페 “블루베리”, 편의점
  • 4) Library 5Fl - Cafeteria “Hue” & Bakery.
    도서관 5층- 식당 “휴” & 베이커리
  • 5) Main Building 4th Fl. - Coffee Shop.
    순헌관(본관) 4층- 커피샵

※ Food and drinks are prohibited in all TESOL facilities
테솔-SMART 시설 내 음식물 반입은 금지되어 있습니다.

04PC, Copying & Printing (PC, 복사 및 출력)

  • a. Intetnet & Printing : Internet Zone(2nd floor)
  • b. Copying : Copy Center(2nd floor). Resource Center(1st floor)
    • - Print Office : 02-2077-7080 (If you have any problems, please contact the Print Office
    • - Access to NETPRINT and sign up (only Number). Then charge some cash (1,000/5,000/10,000) through the machine of the Internet zone.
    • - After the semester, you can refund the rest money of your ID from the print office.
  • c. Free wireless internet
  • a. 인터넷&출력 : 인터넷 존 (2층)
  • b. 복사 : 복사실 (2층), 자료실 (1층)
    • - 출력 관리실 : 02-2077-7080
    • - NETPRINT 등록 후, 인터넷 존 기계를 통한 현금 충전
      (1,000원/ 5,000원/10,000원)
    • - 학기 후, 출력 관리실에서 남은 돈 환불 가능
  • c. 무료 무선 인터넷

05Others (기타)

  • 1) Health Center & Dental Clinic - Main Building B1
    보건실 - 본관 지하 1층
  • 2) Post Office - Student Union Building 1Fl
    우체국 - 학생회관 1층
  • 3) ATM (Shinhan Bank)
    Main Building 2Fl / Faculty Building 2Fl / Administration Building 1Fl / Entrance to the Student Union Building, West Building 2Fl / Social Education B1
    신한은행 ATM : 본관(순헌관) 2층, 수련교수회관 2층, 행정관 1층, 학생회관 입구, 서관(명신관) 2층, 사회교육관 지하1층
  • 4) School Bookstore & Store - Student Union Building 1Fl
    교보문고 & 문구점 - 학생회관 1층
  • 5) Health Clubs - Main Building B1, Administration 1Fl
    체육관 - 본관 지하1층, 행정관 1층
  • 6) Audio & Visual Materials - Faculty Building 1Fl. (Take your ID card.)
    시청각 기자재실 - 수련교수회관 1층 (학생증 지참)