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The primary goal of the Sookmyung TESOL Alumni Mentorship Program is to provide current Sookmyung TESOL students with an opportunity to correspond with and learn from those who have succeeded in the program and have gone on to begin teaching careers and/or study abroad. The secondary goal is for Alumni mentors to share what they’ve learned and to maintain a close relationship with Sookmyung TESOL.

What Students Do:

Students who participate in the program are expected to communicate with their mentor on a regular and consistent basis, either in person, by telephone, or by e-mail. Please remember, as the program is launching this semester and there are a limited number of alumni mentors, alumni mentors will be assigned on a first come, first serve basis. Questions can be sent to Tom Randolph / tom.randolph@gmail.com. We look forward to meeting you through the program!
Students who wish to participate in the mentoring program can register using the form below.Bottom of Form

Mentor Responsibilities:

Sookmyung TESOL program Mentors
If you would like to help current students as they work their way through the SMU/YL TESOL semester, becoming a TESOL Program Mentor is just for you. TESOL Program Mentors provide support and guidance to current students as they deal with challenges inside and outside of the classroom.
Job Mentors
If you are a recent graduate starting your career or an experienced teacher, you can help current students learn about the EFL job market by sharing your own employment experiences. The English language teaching job market in Korea is massive. Job Mentors provide guidance and support in all aspects of the employment process from finding a job to actual classroom teaching
Study Abroad Mentors
Studying abroad presents students with a series of challenges. All of which are easier when one has the support of someone who has done it before. If you have earned a degree from a foreign institution, or are currently studying abroad, and want to share what you’ve learned, becoming a Study Abroad Mentor can make the most of your experiences. Study Abroad Mentors provide support and guidance in all aspects of the study abroad process from applying to programs to living in a foreign country.

Mentor Responsibilities:

Alumni who are interested in participating in the Mentorship program can register here