Sookmyung started its Intensive In-service English Teacher Training Program in 2007. Since then, Sookmyung IIETTP has become a leader in the globalization of English Education in Korea, turning out expert teachers who can effectively prepare Korean students to meet the multi-cultural, multi-lingual challenges of the 21st century


We aim to:
Train experienced teachers in current techniques, methods and approaches in content-based instruction.
Promote the integration of language and content in our education system.
Develop English proficiency to teach English in English.
Manage dynamic class settings through microteaching, workshops, and special events etc.

Management Plan

관리계획 표
Training Schedule 3 ~ 6 months

Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education

Domestic : 5 months + Abroad : 1 month

Elementary school teachers
Secondary school teachers
Gyeonggi province office of Education
Domestic : 4 months + Abroad : 2 months
Elementary school teachers
Secondary school teachers
Ministry of Education, Science and Technology
(Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education)
Domestic : 3 months + Abroad : 3 months
Elementary school teachers
Secondary school teachers

IIETTP Structure

English proficiency core :
Multi-skills courses, which focus on improving the trainee’s communicative ability through multi-skills practice
English education core :
Integrating language and content, which focuses on modeling and practicing useful language and educational theory for the content-based classroom

Communicative situations core, which is composed of both professional development and personal enrichment electives

English proficiency core (영어능력영역) + English education core(교수법 영역) +Communicative situations core(영어 사용화 영역)


The program offers:
Certificate of IIETTP
Workshop and lectures from world famous scholars
Certificate of SMU-TESOL (When training hours meet the completion hours of SMU-TESOL )
Credits transfer to Sookmyung MA TESOL and collaborating universities abroad (only with the certificate)