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Video Festival Competition

Sookmyung TESOL, the preeminent destination in Korea for reputable ELT teacher certification of local teachers working in local contexts, encourages a platform for dialogue and the exchange of exemplary teaching practices around the world. Therefore, we are proud to announce the 2017 edition of the annual Sookmyung TESOL International Video Festival Competition, featuring cash prizes for top finishers along with quality feedback from our highly regarded faculty and participation certificates for all contestants.
Sookmyung TESOL understands that there is no ‘right way’ to teach languages; while a few principles (e.g. interaction and eclecticism) may be nearly universal, all learning will always occur as locally situated social practice, impacted by a unique constellation of cultural factors. Yet, a teacher’s development can only occur in reflective dialogue with oneself and a wide circle of relevant other teachers and learners. In that spirit, we announce this annual festival to develop an evolving collection of exemplary teaching practices.
  • Objective : To demonstrate exemplary teaching for language learning in your local context.
  • Eligibility : Open to all English language teachers everywhere for whom English is the primary
    language of instruction
  • Instructions : 
  •                   1. Record a short (10-15 minute) live video clip of yourself
  •                        (spontaneous,unscripted, and unrehearsed)
  •                        teaching with a group of your actual students (class size 5–30).

2. Download and complete the

  • 3. Email your video and completed form to: videocomp@sookmyungtesol.info
  • Deadline- Video and Contestant Entry Form must be received by midnight on Dec 31th, 2017.
  •           - Winners will be announced by Jan 10th, 2018.
  • Judging Criteria - Quality of teacher-learner interactions
    - Quality of level-appropriate comprehensible input
    - Perceived level of student engagement
    - Quality of relationship between teaching video and rationales stated
    on Contestant Entry Form
  • Details - Students should be from novice-low to intermediate-high proficiency
    according to ACTFL.org
    - All participants will receive a Certificate of Participation from Sookmyung TESOL
    - All participants will receive clear, constructive,
    - supportive feedback from Sookmyung Professors
    - Winners will be announced on the Sookmyung TESOL website
  • Judging panel : Sookmyung University Teacher Educators
  • Awards : 1st place – 500,000 won (1 winner)
    2nd place – 300,000 won (up to 5 winners)
    3rd place – 100,000 won (up to 10 winners)
    Additional benefits of winnings  - Receive an Award Certificate
    - Video featured on Sookmyung TESOL website
  • Submission : videocomp@sookmyungtesol.info





                      The SMU-TESOL Video Competition Scoring Rubric 




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