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National Science Resource Center
This lists of recommended websites related to Physics

Earth Science
National Geographic.Com
Plenty of news articles and online magazines are included.

Environmental Science
Desert USA
Learn about desert animals, plants and survival in the desert through this site.

Space science
Science Learning Network
 This site is divided into three parts. Check out Our News and Links, Explore Our Resources and
Visit Our Museums. Through these sites, we can visit scientific museums throughout the world.
The Launch of SPUTNIK We can get some various kind of information about SPUTINIK
Science for a Changing World
Exciting science topics currently being explored by the USGS for today and for future generations.
The Science Channel
 Lots of science channels are introduced with the preview. Especially, the section of Fun and Games
can be a good motivation for the students because some science simulations are there.
 This is the main page of NASA (National Aeronautics & Space Administration). Need we say more.
Go and check it out.
Scientific American.Com
A lot of newest scientific news articles and archives are introduced here.
KidZone's Super Simple Science Section
Interesting and fun experiments with detail descriptions and science facts are here.
Ohio Central History Central
 This site is divided into 5 categories: insects, fish, reptiles & amphibians, birds and mammals.
It is easy to use because the contents are sorted by the search window.
First Science Preschool Activities and Crafts
 Visit a theme to activities that include easy instructions and a list of materials related to science. You
will find printable crafts, lesson plans, coloring pages, simple and safe science projects, experiments,
and related resources.
New York Times Learning Work
 Daily lesson plans related the theme of science are linked and to make things easier to find some information there are search engines.

Environmental Kits Club
 (Ages 4-10, Pre-K through 4th grade) U.S. EPA Environmental Kids Club - Projects, Games, Art and Helpful Tips including the topics of air, water, garbage & recycling, plants & animals, environment, art room, game room, science room and a trophy case.
EPA Students Center
 (Grades 5-8) Learn about a lot of scientific topics including air, conservation, ecosystems, human
health, your neighborhood, waste & recycling, water, environmental basics, careers & internships &
scholarships, environmental youth & awards, environmental club projects and fun activities.
High School
 (Grades 9-12) The portal to EPA environmental resources. It informs you about environmental issues
and helps you protect the environment.
Teaching Center
 (for classroom and non-traditional educators) There are a lot of useful sites here for environmental education including basic environmental concepts and teaching aids. It includes curriculum resources and background information.
Researchers and Scientists
 Sound science provides the foundation for credible environmental decision-making and is one of the EPA's guiding principles to fulfill its mission to protect human health and the environment. These pages show the role of science at the EPA and give access to scientific information that may be useful in understanding and protecting our environment
Science Experiments
 Various lesson plans related to science topics such as biology, chemistry, physics and other multiple topics are included into this site. These are mostly for grades 6-8 but are easily adaptable to other grades. Also, other science experiments are included in many of the lesson plans throughout the rest of the science pages.
The Planentary Society
 The Planetary Society’s news archives by subject are introduced with news and information about humankind's exploration of the universe. Also, in the Learning Center, teachers, parents, kids, or anyone that is interested in space can find fun activities to explain basic space concepts.
Scientific Americans.Com
 Various scientific news is linked in this site. Through the section of ‘Ask the Experts’, you can ask
some questions of the experts, then get some answers from them.
Science Behindthe News
 This site is divided into three main parts: Archives, The Why Files in Education and Search. In the first part of the Archives, we can search a lot of archives related to scientific subjects and topics. In the second part of the application to the education part, interesting stories related to the science education standards are classified according to scientific standards.
HyperHistory Online
 HyperHistory is an expanding scientific project presenting 3,000 years of world history with an interactive combination of synchronoptic lifelines, timelines, and maps.
English Forum Web Dictory
 Web directory provided by English Forum. Plenty of detailed sites are linked according to the topics and subjects. You can get almost everything related to scientific topics in this site.
PBS Teacher Source
 In order to view lesson plans and activities related to science, select a grade range and topic. The search window makes it easy for us to find what we want.
Science News For Kids
 This site provides not only articles on different areas of the sciences, but also has a lot of other kid friendly features like educational games and puzzles. It even has a zone for teachers of science.
Brain POP
How the world works
Smithsonian Institute
 This is the official website of the world famous group of museums in Washington, DC. It provides
a plethora of information on all the museums in the Smithsonian group as well as research and
publications, and guides in a variety of different languages.