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Internet Mental Health
 This site has articles about knowledge of mental illness in terms of how it causes disability in the
United States, Canada and Western Europe.
World Health Organization
This site contains world news, events and information related to health topics.
 This internet site provides information of a general nature and is designed for educational purposes
relating to health, science, technology, math, English and social studies.
Kids Home at NCI
 This site contains information about cancer in the view of treatment, including surgery, chemotherapy,
radiation therapy and so on.

Kid's Health
 This site contains awesome articles, fun features, and interactive activities relating to children’s health

Welcome to WebMD health
This site contains information about health including medical information, member services and nutrition.
 This site helps you transform your health and gain vitality with many different articles focusing on
different aspects of cooking and health.
 This website is designed and is hosted by the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI).
It is also useful in getting the facts and finding out how to make great meals and snacks.

Fitness & Other
Karate kidz Online
 Karate Kidz Online is The Premier Martial Arts Website, Karate Kidz Online is dedicated to young martial
artists worldwide, featuring sections like Teacher and Student Spotlight, Martial Arts Radio, Action
 This site has articles covering many topics related to the U.S. environmental protection agency.
America Museum of Natural History - Infection Detection Protection It is related to sub-programs such
as meet the microbes, bacteria in the cafeteria, infection, the amazing microbe hunters, the prevention,
convention, and the mixed-up microbe mystery. This site is very helpful for getting to know your body.
Drug Enforcement Administration
 This site is divided into two parts such as Global News, Local News and Facts about Drugs. It also
deals with drug trafficking and abuse, law enforcement, drug policy and US. DEA resources
Smoke-Free Kids & Don't Smoke
 This site supplies an online guide to preparing to quit, quitting, and staying free from smoking.
Also, it suggests a live chat service that allows you to receive advice about quitting smoking by
exchanging text messages in English with a National Cancer Institute information specialist during
specified hours of operation.