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Knowing Poe
 Through the activities on this site, you can introduce learners (or, be introduced, yourself) to the
literature, life, and times of one of America's foremost writers, Edgar Allan Poe.
The Textile Museum
Learn about the history, collections, and purpose of textile arts.
Triumph of the Baroque
 Explore Baroque architecture in Europe from 1600-1750 with this National Gallery is art exhibit. See
what churches, chapels, palaces, and private homes of the period looked like
Getting the Picture
 View illustrated letters from the Archive of American Art, and see how people have used pictures to
help describe their words and feelings throughout history
National Gallery of Art
 The site provides online tours of the National Gallery's collections of paintings, sculptures, decorative
arts and so on. Also, teachers can obtain lessons and resources from here too.
NGA Kids - Adventures with Art
 The web-site offers upcoming programs, films, events for kids. In addition, people are able to acquire
useful information. For example, the Stories in Art program combines storytelling with looking at one or
two works of art and participating in a hands-on activity.
Incredible Art Department
 This site provides art lessons and incredible resources. In addition, it offers world cultures, cartoons
and other links.
African Art: Aesthetics and Meaning
People can get information about African art from this web site.
SmART Kids
 The site provides paintings, sculpture, photographs and drawings, as well as furniture, vases and
stained glass. Kids are able to surf the site with amusing activities.
Glossary for Medieval Art and Architecture
 This site provides an interactive well linked dictionary of terms related to medieval art and architecture
terms. Fun and engaging.
 Chinese Archaeology This site offers various teaching materials which were developed in conjunction
with the exhibition The Golden Age of Chinese Archaeology: Celebrated Discoveries from The People's
Republic of China.
The Quest for Immortality: Treasures of Ancient Egypt
 People are able to experience treasures of Ancient Egypt from this site. Also, this site provides video
clips and it helps build people’s understanding of Egypt



I Hear America Singing
 Have you ever thought about how American songs developed? This PBS site has a timeline covering
the history of American concert songs as well as information on the writers, composers, artists, and
movements that left their mark.
The Music of Sound - Neanderthal Jam
 You could learn a lot from old musical instruments. We're not talking about a pawnshop full of rusted
saxophones and busted guitars, but about partly fossilized bones with holes that look suspiciously like
wind instruments
The Music Room
The museum also explores history through dozens of musical performances every year.
American Music Collections
 The American Music Collections documents this USA's diverse popular music and performance
traditions. The strength of these collections is the music of the late nineteenth through the twentieth
centuries including Big Band jazz, Gospel and African American sacred music, and folk music.
America's Stories - See, Hear and Sing
Watch a movie, hear a song, play a tune from America's past.
Sound Site
 Close your eyes, open your ears, and explore the world of sound! This neat site has audio clips,
activities, and discussions about compositions to help you learn.
Instrument Encyclopedia
 The purpose of this site is to allow you to explore the diversity and creativity of musical traditions as
you browse our gallery or search for a favorite instrument.
 All the kids songs you find on this site are FREE: listen, download, play them on your computer, or
burn them onto a personal CD for boombox or car listening.
 MoJo is a singin', swingin' music mouse-chine! She'll be happy to take you on a guided tour of her
Musical Mouseum.
Young Composers
This site allows young composers to share their music and to talk to other young musicians.



All Movie Guide
 The original mission of the company that creates the site was to create books to help consumers find
the "best" music. Now, through the site you can get information about music, movies and games.
 This is very useful film resource on the Web. You are able to get many articles that review various
Drew’s Script O-Rama
 The site introduces diverse movie scripts, so people are able to read the stories. Also, this site
provides quizzes that are related to movies.
 This site is an organized database of links to sites on the web. People can find many movie scripts
through the site.
Simply Script
Through the site, people are able to get movie scripts as well as TV and radio scripts. In addition, their
are free, downloadable scripts



 The site, Mystery Net is the place for online mysteries and mystery games. Every Month the site
features See-n-Solve, Solve-it, Twist and Flash mysteries.
Interactive Ghost Stories
 Through the site, people can get ghost stories and other strange folktales from the southern region of
the US, told by the region's best storytellers.
An online library of literature
 This site is here to try to bring real books to people through the Internet. People are able to get real
stories here.
The literature Network
 The site offers searchable online literature for the student, educator, or enthusiast. People can
experience literature easily.
 This site is the preeminent Internet publisher of literature. It provides reference and verse to students
and researchers and it is free of charge.
The great literature online
At Great Literature On-line provides free, HTML formatted e-text for your reading enjoyment.
 This site is a free online literature resource with more than 2000 calssic texts. Also, people can read
articles from here too.
Online children’s books
 There are a lot of stories available on the Internet to read or download. Some of them are from well-
known books, others can be found only online.
Quotation Page
 The site is the oldest quotation site on the Web. Established in 1994, it provides over 20,000 quotations
online from over 2400 authors, and more are added daily.
Soon Online Magazine
This site is a free world-wide easy- to-use resource for English literature.
The Simpsons.com
Through the site, you can get episode guides of The Simpsons. In addition, you can participate in the
discussion that is related the TV program, The Simpsons, using the massage board.
Welcome to Cartoonnetwork.com
 This site provides an entertaining, engaging, and, above all, safe environment for cartoon fans of all
ages. You are able to enjoy and watch famous cartoons from this site.
 The site provides award-winning political commentary including a column by Cokie Roberts and Steven.
Roberts, articles from The New Republic, a variety of coverage from Scripps Howard News Service and
advice from experts including Miss Mannners' Judith Martin and Working Wounded's Bob Rosner. UFS
distributes insightful and hilarious editorial cartoons boasting such artists as Steve Benson and Rob
Rogers, and beloved comics that include Peanuts, For Better or for Worse and Dilbert.
Dilbert Comic Strip Archive
You can experience the beloved comic, Dilbert here. It is a very insightful and hilarious cartoon.
Disney Online
 The site offers activities, stories, games and music with beautiful images. You can introduce many
stories, games, music and so on to the target learners.