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<Business News and articles>

E.L. Easton
 This site provides you with various topics related to business such as accounting, banking, currency
and economics.
 Current information on the business climate, news, history, political structure, economic landscape,
and relevant statistical data are provided in a region and country-specific format, covering 196
countries. A rich collection of country and region specific international business links adds to the vast
collection of information.
This site is a collection of business newspapers organized by state by state in the USA

<Business English>

Business English Exercises and Quizzes
 This site presents exercises with the business grammar, vocabulary and even a business word
puzzles. It also provides British humor used in a business context.
English for the workplace
 This site gives users a guide to English for the workplace. English for the workplace includes
business, computer, medical, engineering, legal and scientific English and more. There are also guides
for producing business documents and job interview English.
Business letter writing basics
 This site guides you in how to write business letters in English. In addition, it provides you with
useful phrases for running a business meeting and participating in a business meeting, too.
Engineering work English letters
 This site collects various formats of business letters depending on different situation such as
changing and canceling orders apologies, and dispatching an engineer. It helps users in starting
their own business letters in English and Korean.
Economics the A to Z list
 There are currently over 400 words in the Economic Glossary. The links beside each bullet point will
take you to a resource on that topic. So "Money, Value of" will take you to an article detailing where
money gets its value.

<Economic Education>
FDIC Learning Ban
 The Learning Bank web site is presented solely to educate and entertain children, teachers, and
parents. This site contains links to other web sites, in order to assist users in locating and accessing
information that may be of interest.
H.I.P. Pocket Change
 The History In Your Pocket (H.I.P.) Pocket Change site showcases the connection between this
country's coins and its people. Through games, stories, and other engaging activities, the site brings to
life both the extraordinary individuals who appear on U.S. coinage and the generations of citizens
who've used this pocket change.
 A variety of classroom materials including videos and teachers guides are available free of charge to
educators interested in teaching money issues.
Life Smarts - The Ultimate Consumer Challenge
 LifeSmarts is a flexible classroom or group activity that teaches teens to be smart and responsible
consumers and citizens. The content and competition questions focus on five key areas of consumer
knowledge that teens need to know to function effectively in today’s marketplace.
Understanding Taxes for Students
 The US IRS has developed an interactive, instructional tax program called Understanding Taxes to
provide high schools, community colleges, and the general public with a technology-based
instructional tool.