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May 1997
SMU-TESOL launched in collaboration with University of Maryland Baltimore County
Sept. 1999
MA Program in TESOL established
Aug. 2004
YL-TESOL(TESOL for Young Learners) launched
Sept. 2004
Sookmyung Professional Center(Injaegwan) opened
Feb. 2006
SMU-TESOL one-year certificate program implemented
Sept. 2007
Sookmyung TESOL designed as IIETTP (Intensive In-service English Teacher Training Program) instituton by Ministry of Education
Feb. 2009
SC-i TESOL launched in collaboration with CREDU
Sept. 2011
STG(Sookmyung TESOL Global) Program launched
Mar. 2013
PL-TESOL(Play and Learn TESOL) launched
May 2014
Sookmyung TESOL Prime launched
March 2017
TESOL Live launched


Sookmyung TESOL will design a new blueprint with a vision for producing more creative leaders and taking us to our goal of being a globally recognized teacher training institution.