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Kyungsook Yeum, Director Graduate School of TESOL

korea’leader of english teacher training

In this age of ever-increasing globalization, intercultural communicative competence in English is a required skill of the most effective international leaders.  In realization of its commitment to nurturing global leaders, 17 years ago Sookmyung Women’s University raised the bar on elite education in Korea by establishing the first internationally recognized TESOL program, in collaboration with the University of Maryland / Baltimore County in 1997.

Since its inception, Sookmyung TESOL has developed a stellar reputation as the national leader in educating current and future English teachers. Such recognition is due to the excellence of its faculty members, its ongoing evolution, and its continuing collaboration with prestigious universities, including the University of Pennsylvania, New York University, Temple University, and the University of Sydney. Over the years, our 20,000 alumni have played a prominent role in reshaping the landscape of English education in Korea. Sookmyung TESOL has expanded to include SMU-TESOL, YL-TESOL, STG (for international students), and PL-TESOL.

Currently, Sookmyung TESOL maintains its state-of-the-art blueprint for producing the most able TESOL professionals by continuing to evolve with the profession as a premiere, globally-recognized TESOL institution. Hence, our programs now include blended, distance, synchronous, and asynchronous teacher education components in our SMU/YL-TESOL Live and SM-EL Teach programs. Thus our identity has taken on an ‘anytime, anywhere’ direction,  captured symbolically in our new brand name, TESOL BEYOND, which we hope indicates our vision as the industry leader in Korea in this global context. ‘Beyond what,’ you may ask. It is an inclusive image embracing many  possibilities, ‘beyond your expectations,’ ‘beyond conventional ‘brick & mortar’ classrooms,’ ‘beyond the boundaries of traditional education,’ and ‘beyond national borders.’

Please come join us and let’s reach new horizons together!

Director, Kyungsook YeumSookmyung Women’s Univ.