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[기타] [Faculty Interview] Eli Miller 교수님 (YL-TESOL)

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About Eli Miller

My name is Eli Miller and I have been teaching for about 14 years, and I have been        part of Sookmyung TESOL for 4 years.

 How is your life in Korea including your personal life and career?

I have been married to my wife, who is Korean, for 17 years, and we have spent 12 of  those years living in Korea, so I feel like I am part Korean and part American now. We have two daughters who both go to a Korean-speaking school, and we speak English as our home language. I really appreciate how much people in Korea value their children and give of their time and other resources to give them every opportunity they can. At the same time, I want to make sure that children are allowed to be children, and that they aren’t overwhelmed by too much high pressure study, so I work hard to achieve that balance in my family and in my classroom.

What class have you taught? How about your class these days?

I have taught both adults and children of all ages, from singing and dancing to test preparation for TOEFL and TEPS, so I have experienced the full range of student ages and ability levels! I most enjoy teaching children, though, as they are so full of energy and joy. My hope is to help them learn to enjoy English and enjoy learning, so that they will become lifelong active learners, both in English and whatever other ventures they pursue. 


Right now I teach in the Young Learner (YL) TESOL program at SMU, focusing on curriculum development and overseeing student practice teaching. I also teach several hours a week at the SMU preschool here on campus, so I regularly get to practice my singing, dancing, and storytelling abilities with kids ages 3 to 5. It’s a great opportunity to use all the skills that I am teaching my students in the YL-TESOL program and stay fresh in my teaching approaches with children.


Please share your tips and give advice on teaching

If there were one message I could tell every child in the world, it would be this quote from Fred Rogers, a pioneer in children’s television: “You've made this day a special day, by just your being you. There's no person in the whole world like you; and I like you just the way you are.” I want every child to know that they are unique, they are special, they are amazing just the way they are. They don't have to try to be different, 


to try to be someone else - you are special just because you are you, and I love you just as you are, right now. So that’s the first and most important thing I would tell people who want to teach kids; you don’t have to be clever, or know a lot about teaching, or have perfect English (!) to be a great teacher. 


You just have to start with a love for kids, a love for your students, and a desire to help them become the people that they want to be, in their character and their personality and in their ability to make their dreams come true. It’s such a great privilege to have a chance to shape who a child is becoming and will be for decades to come, and just letting them know that they are loved and that they are special just the way they are will help them to develop the security and sure self-identity that they will need to confidently face and overcome all of the challenges that they will face as they reach for their dreams.