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[워크샵] Reflective Practice Workshop 'Thomas S.C. Farrell' 안내

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* Date: Saturday, September 30, 2017 (10 AM - 6 PM)

* Schedule: https://koreatesol.org/content/day-reflection-2017-schedule-0

14:00 - 15:50  Dr. Thomas S.C. Farrell (Brock University, Canada)

Research on Reflective Practice in TESOL: A Reflection

* Location: Second Campus, Room B178 (Ground level)

    Sookmyung Women's University, Seoul

* Contact Email: kotesol.rpsig@gmail.com

Reflective Practice Workshop 에 대한 문의사항은 위 이메일로 해주시기 바랍니다 :)

* You Are Invited

The Reflective Practice SIG invites you to join us for our Day of Reflection 2017. We have a full day of fantastic Reflective Practice workshops planned, with special VIP presenter Dr. Thomas Farrell.


It's free, but please RSVP and let us know you're planning to attend!
(Also, let us know if you are interested in attending an informal dinner afterwards.)
RSVP here.

 *반드시 사전등록 RSVP 링크에 참석여부를 제출해야 당일 참석이 가능합니다* 

Day of Reflection 2017 information page.


Interview with Dr. Thomas Farrell
Read our interview with Dr. Farrell. Find out more on his work, his life, and his connections with Korea TESOL: HERE.

The KOTESOL Reflective Practice SIG wishes to thank Sookmyung Women's University and its Sookmyung TESOL program for venue support for this event.