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yeum@sm.ac.kr Office: Injae 102 Tel: 02) 2077-7707 Kyungsook Yeum

Current Position: Director (주임교수) of SMU TESOL at Sookmyung Women’s University 
Education:  PhD Candidate, Macquarie University (Australia) in Applied Linguistics 
                    MA in TESOL, University of Maryland/Baltimore Country 
                    PhD in English Literature, Sookmyung Women’s University 
                    Visiting Scholar:  Yale University,  University of Wisconsin/Madison 
Concentration Areas:  Teacher Education, Program Evaluation,  Leadership & Quality in ELT 
Major professional responsibilities in the field of English Education/TESOL 
·     Board of Directors, TESOL International Association (USA) (2015-2018) 
·     Professor, TESOL MA Program (2012-2014), Sookmyung Women’s University, Korea 
·     Director/Administrator at SMU TESOL (1998-2015) 
·     Chair, Program Administration Interest Section, TESOL International Association (USA) (2012-2013) 
·     PAC 2010 Conference Chair: Pan-Asia TESOL Conference (2010) 
·     Vice President, ALAK (The Applied Linguistics Association of Korea) (2006-2008) 
·     Public Relations Officer, KATE (The Korean Association of Teachers of English) (2006-2010) 
·     President  of Korea TESOL (2004-2005)  
 Recent Publications

-          Yeum, K. (2013). A qualitative evaluation: Overseas practicum-focused INSET program efficacy    
                and accountability. Journal of the Korean English Education Society, 12(2), 261-287. 

-          Yeum, K. & Lee, H. (2013). English teacher as the translator of language policy into practice,   
                English Language & Literature Teaching, 19(2), 25-55. 

-          Yeum, K. (2013). Constructional and situational variables to affect the efficacy of INSET. 
                Modern English Education, 14(1), 49-75 

-          Yeum, K. (2012). Interconnectivity of quality drivers: Evaluation of an in-service teacher education    
                program.  English Teaching, 67(3), 251-280. 

-          Yeum, K. (2012). A qualitative evaluation of an INSET program: perceptions, beliefs, and realities. 
                Studies in English Education, 17(2), 1-41. 

-          Yeum, K. &  Vlack, S. (2012). Ready, Set, Teach. Cengage Publishing Co. Ltd. 
              * Those Who Can, Teach (authored by Ryan and Cooper) was revised and adapted. 

-          Yeum, K. Curriculum Evaluation: Quality Drivers and Context Variables. New Directions:
                 Assessment and Evaluation – A collection of Papers,
                 Phillip Powell Davies, ed., British Council: ISBN: 978-0-86355-680-7 (2011) 
Recent Presentations (2011-3) 
     “Cross-cultural Leadership and Practice in the ELT Profession,” at the 2013 TESOL Convention, USA 
     “Program Evaluation: Interconnectivity of Context Variables,” presented at the 2012 TESOL Convention 
     “Leadership and Quality in ELT Organizations," presented at the 2012 Korea OTESOL
       International  Conference    
    “Context variables: Evaluation of a Teacher-education Curriculum,” presented at JALT 2011